I have spent the last two months ruthlessly editing the 80-odd texts comprising this work. Three were expunged, one was completely rewritten, and the others were hopefully improved upon. Some needed full-on surgery, others a few words changed here and there. I have made the texts available for public viewing again in the hope that…… Continue reading Notice

The Harrowing

A nurse came over to my bed and said: “Well done you!” It was a balmy midsummer evening. A little while earlier I had been strolling around the hospital grounds when I found a fellow patient sitting against a wall. She (I think it was a she – it was another life ago) had clumsily…… Continue reading The Harrowing


There are ten basic cloud types (genera) that derive from five fundamental forms (sheets, wisps, rolls, etc.). They are divided into three levels – cloud low (CL), cloud medium (CM) and cloud high (CH) – according to where they are found in the troposphere. Genera are divided into species, which are subdivided into varieties, leading…… Continue reading Whodunit