According to a study by linguists at the University of York, the ‘th’ sound (voiced dental non-sibilant fricative), that vexing English lisp, will have disappeared in London by 2066 as a result of the spread of Multicultural London English. Thugs will be fugs. Thought will be fought, The thickset thug thwacked the throaty theologian’s thorax…… Continue reading Thud


Plastic is sad to the touch. It is wrongly smooth, like a glib remark. It conveys nothing but a dull sense of functionality. It is brittly bright, noxiously cheerful. A sensitive child, plastic toys made me sad. When I got a plastic toy for Christmas or my birthday (such as a lightsaber) my initial excitement…… Continue reading Streaming

Quorum of one

Kiril is laconic. He never elaborates, digresses or embellishes. Words linger awkwardly in the air, suspended in silence, mingling with particulates, before he finally responds to them. He is not unfriendly or socially inept; he is just startlingly uncommunicative. Words are either tools to get a job done (pass the spanner) or units of information…… Continue reading Quorum of one