Last Tango in Karoliniškės

If this were a film, things would play out differently (betterly, beautifuller). The melancholy protagonist goes to Alaska where he says Eureka as a spear-shaped icicle strikes him on the head. The stubbly protagonist is woken by an alarm clocked scored by Víg Mihály (Víggety-Víg, Víggety-Víg). He makes coffee. He stares staringly. He glowers black-and-whitely.…… Continue reading Last Tango in Karoliniškės

Village People

I had secretly hoped that an agent or publisher would come a-knocking but now realise there is not much demand for my vein of niche misery. Misery unnerves (and frequently disturbs) people. When ingested in the form of “Nordic noir” (bleak, wintry, murdery) or classic Russian literature (grief-inflected logorrhoea), it is strangely comforting; an immunizing…… Continue reading Village People