Her body, like so many bodies, was found buried in a forest. The discovery of the (26-yr-old) corpse was announced on the news as J was driving to pick me up from Jonava railway station. She was crying as we hugged on the platform, passengers, visiting for the weekend, streaming by. The senselessness and randomness…… Continue reading Juju


There were hardly any -gates around when I was young. By that, I do not mean the world was a safer or better place (the proverbial “people could leave their doors open at night”), but that the suffix was generally reserved for the most serious scandals. The original -gate – Watergate – busted open a…… Continue reading -Gate

Fake News

The light is a damning revelation: life is a worthless miracle, a brilliant deception. My limbs and heart are pulled in contrary directions. My tongue spouts love and blurts hurt because it is in a tug of war with stringy urges and inhuman edicts. It is an ugly miracle because it dissembles its true intentions…… Continue reading Fake News